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I have been painting in Northeast Florida since the sixties when in High School I got my first paint box. Florida Community College of Jacksonville is where I met my wife of 36 years and I majored in Graphic Design at the University of North Florida. Recently, I retired from the Jacksonville Naval Air Station as an illustrator/graphic artist. Now my time is divided between plein air painting and restoring paintings and frames in my new home studio.


Being a member of First Coast Plein Air Painters has enriched my painting experience, broadened my band of friends and added a heightened degree of excitement and anticipation to each outing. One of my biggest surprises is how much I enjoy being in the elements with all its challenges and attempting to complete a painting. Whether I do or not is not the objective. The exercise itself is what keeps an artist growing.


My plan is to continue painting from nature. Hopefully, adding a little of myself and producing something that can be enjoyed by others.




About the Artist... About the Art... Contact...




Over 35 years experience in Art Restoration

Specializing in expert restoration of even severely damaged paintings and frames.  Why not see what Patrick Mahoney can do for you?



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